Xixian New Area

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Development Course

In 2002, Shaanxi province proposed the construction concept of “Integration of Xi’an and Xianyang cities (Xixian)”.

In 2003, bus routes linked the two cities.

In September 2006, calls between the cities no longer attracted long distance or roaming charges.

In 2008, Xi’an subway no.1 was designed to service Xianyang.

In June 2009, the State Council approved the development planning for the Guanzhong - Tianshui Economic Zone, which promoted integration of Xi’an and Xianyang to make Xi’an an international metropolis.

On Feb 21, 2010, Shaanxi established a construction committee office of Xixian New Area and an administrative committee of new areas of Fengwei in Xi’an and Jingwei in Xianyang.

In December 2010, the national planning for main functional areas included “advancing the integration of Xi’an and Xianyang and the construction of Xixian New Area”, which indicated that the work was a national strategy.

On May 17, 2011, the provincial Urban and Rural Planning Commission reviewed and passed the overall planning for Xixian New Area.

On May 31, 2011, the provincial government set up an administrative committee for the area’s development and construction and appointed Deputy Provincial Governor Jiang Zelin its director.

On June 10, 2011, the government approved the overall planning.

On June 13, 2011, the government released the planning at a media conference at the Information Office of the State Council.

On Aug 10, 2011, the government published a list of policies concerning pushing ahead the development of Xixian New Area.

On Feb 20, 2012, the State Council approved the 12th Five-Year plan (2011-2015) of western development, in which Xixian New Area was listed as a key construction project.

On Jan 6, 2014, the State Council approved the area and said it would be built into an important hub of China’s opening to the west, a new engine of development in west China, and an example of new urbanization with Chinese characteristics, which promoted Xixian to the national level.

On Feb 19, 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released an overall planning for Xixian and prioritized it for trials of innovative urban development methods.

On Oct 17, 2014, the provincial Party committee and the government published opinions on accelerating the development of Xixian.

In Feb 2015, President Xi Jinping noted that Xixian should be the national pilot area of innovative urban development methods.

In July 2015, the NDRC issued a notice on deepening structural innovations in key fields in national new areas that asked Xixian to advance construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, innovate urban development methods, and develop culturally.