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Policies on Accelerating the Development of Xixian New Area

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To further promote the integration of Xi’an and Xianyang cities and accelerate construction of Xixian New Area, the following policies have been formulated in accordance with the State Council’s Opinions on Deepening Western Development Strategy, the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Planning, and the National Planning for Development Priority Zones.

1. The administrative committee of Xixian was set up by the Shaanxi provincial government to develop and build the area on behalf of the government.

The committee is empowered with city-level administrative authority in major projects and urban and rural integrated planning and with partial management functions in social affairs.

To encourage reforms and innovation, Xixian is prioritized to implement new policies in land, finance, taxation, investment, and social security.

The departments of industry and commerce, taxation, public security, quality supervision and social security can set up branches or agencies in the new area.

2. Designations of land for construction in Xixian should be reviewed and approved separately according to the land use plans and yearly quotas and strictly conform to related land policies.

The administrative committee handles all the land in Xixian with unified planning, management, applications for approval, supply, and registration and license issuance, and administers buildings in the new area.

3. For economical and intensive use of land, quotas for requisition-compensation balance of arable land in the new area can be borrowed from Xi’an, Xianyang and the whole province.

4. Xixian will emphasize urban and rural integrated development and construction of a modern garden city and urban agriculture.

It will pilot the reform of a transfer system of collectively owned construction land in rural areas and create methods of compensation.

5. After defining the respective tax bases, tax revenues of Xixian New Area will be distributed to the administrative committee and Xi’an and Xianyang cities on a pro rata basis. During the 12th Five-year Plan period (2011-15), the share of the committee will be entirely spent on Xixian’s development, construction and administration of social affairs.

6. According to the province’s overall plans and policies on technological resources in the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, a national reform demo base to coordinate the resources will be set up in Xixian.

7. The Xi’an Comprehensive Bonded Zone (The International Trade and Logistics Park)  B section will be set up in the Airport New City of Xixian, making full use of the Xi’an Xianyan International Airport.

Xixian will advance construction on a large comprehensive bonded area under customs supervision to develop a bonded logistics system and accelerate work on a simplify customs clearance mechanism at the airport to better services and facilitate trade.

8. To encourage enterprises to join in building Xixian, those with major investments in the new area in the past five years will be prioritized for use of resources in Shaanxi.

9. To encourage financial innovation, Xixian is supportive of establishing a development fund, issuing urban construction bonds, and setting up branches of financial institutions. It will also pilot the equity transfer system and other transactions in energy, mineral resources, carbon emissions, and land for science and technology companies and small companies.

10. Xixian enjoys all favorable policies the province and cities have made for development zones, in addition to the national policies for western development, for the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, and provincial ones for construction of key pilot towns.